How to scare your neighbours (aka World Naked Gardening Day)


World Naked Gardening Day 2018Most of my friends will tell you that I am not particularly shy about my body. To be honest, if you have never caught a glimpse of me in my birthday suit then we are probably not very close friends at all.

Let’s be clear though, it is not some kind of exhibitionist streak, I have just never felt the kind of body consciousness that I know a lot of other people do. I am an average 36 year old Woman with what I would class as a nice enough body and what other people think of it doesn’t really bother me, as it is me that has to live in this skin, not them!

Therefore, when I found out about “World Naked Gardening Day” it went without saying that I would be participating. You only live once, so why the heck not?!

World Naked Gardening Day is an annual event held across the world (as the name suggests!) on the first Saturday in May. Popular consensus is that World Naked Gardening Day began in 2005 as a lighthearted and entertaining way for gardeners and non-gardeners alike to celebrate the beauty of the human body in a non-sexual way. It began in Seattle and was founded by Mark Storey, a consulting editor for “Nude And Natural” magazine and Jacob Gabriel a permaculturalist.

It is important to remember that World Naked Gardening Day is about being at one with yourself and nature and acceptance of yourself. It is not about showing off or exposing yourself to others and for this reason, it can even be celebrated privately indoors. So if you are not comfortable enough with being outside in your altogether you can always close the curtains, shut everyone else out and spend some alone time tending to your pot plants!

I wholeheartedly embraced World Naked Gardening Day this year. I did consider going up to my allotment to get a few jobs done there, but I stopped short and settled for my back garden instead. This was not due to my own feelings of insecurity, it was more a case of being considerate towards my fellow plot holders. While I am totally happy without clothes, I am mature enough to realise that not everyone would be equally as happy to see my bare behind jiggling about as I turn over the raised beds! As this day is designed to promote freedom and fun I didn’t think it would be right to potentially put somebody else in a scenario that they may have found uncomfortable.

So, with that in mind, I headed out to my back garden. I had some Chillies to organise and some Tomatoes to water so that seemed like the obvious choice. The weather was thankfully beautifully warm and it was definitely refreshing to be outside wearing nothing more than a grin.

Naturally, I had to capture the moment on camera to share my experience of the day with you, so the Chillies came in helpful as “modesty props”!

I can confirm that participating in World Naked Gardening Day certainly brought an entertaining aspect to an otherwise ordinary Saturday and I shall definitely be taking part again next year. I am proud of my body and who I am and I just think it is a shame that this world leads so many people, both Women and Men to feel like they have to be embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies if they do not fit the media’s stereotypical image of “beauty”.

For me, being truly naked is not about what I am or am not wearing. It is about my deepest feelings and my own insecurities and what I hold dear to me in my heart. You may have seen me without clothes, but you will never truly have seen me naked if you can’t tell me what makes me laugh, what makes me cry and what my deepest fears are. Because that, my friends, is when I really am stripped bare.


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  1. Fire Horse says:

    My friend, look for the song ‘First of May’ by Jonathan Colton. Less innocent than gardening in your b-day suit but funny. NSFW. Also it often snows here that day or is hot with a hailstorm. So I’m inside then. But more power to you 😀


  2. Reblogged this on Enfocus Reflections and commented:
    Annie has a great way of talking about the World Naked Gardening Day. It’s light-hearted and honest. She brings great insights to the topics of nudity, the human body, and body acceptance. A delightful read.


    1. Annie says:

      Thank you Larry, I really appreciate your kind comments 🙂


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